Miss Cosmoworld 2022 Launched With The Highest Cash Prize Money

KUALA LUMPUR, 23 September 2022 - Miss Carrie Lee, the organizer of the Miss Cosmoworld today launches the 2022 Edition of the Miss Cosmowor!d and the 2022 Edition will carry the highest Grand Prize Cash Winning ever, with the winner walking away with USD100,000 so to enable the winner to create her own business.

Aimed to promote the independence of women with beauty, the Miss Cosmoworld 2022 also target to Spread Love and Care to the World. 

There are many beautiful ladies out there but how many with brain will FULLY utilize the winning money to do something even greater for themselves and the people around them? Let us share to the world this message and help fulfill a young lady's chance to pursue her dreams and goal,” asked Ms Lee. 

Miss Cosmoworid is the only beauty pageant in the world that funds a young lady with USD100,000 in cash to start a business of their choice and this is pageant a pageant created and nurtured from within our own country, Malaysia and hence giving this opportunity to ladies with brain and knowledge, the opportunity to pursue their dreams and goals and to do whatever they dream of. 

Apart from that, we create dreams and goals too and also to promote good health with beauty, sports as well as social responsibility towards charity. 

We hope to get the support from you to cover and promote the Miss CosmoWorld pageant as a pageant for meaningful and independent woman. 

The pageant wil start from November 17 until November 30 where the Grand Finals of the Miss Cosmoworld 2022 will be held at the St Regis Hotel.

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